Pushing the Boundaries of Fashion

17 December 2011

Pretty? This is the latest underwear ad for Dutch intimate apparel brand, Hema.

"What's so special about it?", you may ask. Well, this pretty "lady", is not actually a female model.

Andrej Pejic is an Australian androgynous male model of Serbian and Croatian parentage. The 20 year old model is represented by Storm Model Management. He is said to have been scouted when he was just 17, and has appeared in both male and female fashion shows, most recently for Jean Paul Gaultier, and Jeremy Scott.

His latest gig advertising this push-up bra that is said to enhance cleavage and make breasts appear 2 times bigger is causing controversy galore.
His biggest campaign to date seems to be the Spring/Summer 2011 Jean Paul Gaultier:And he's appeared on magazine covers such as L'Officiel UkraineAnd FollowAndrej has had editorial spreads in Vogue Paris, Italia, and Turkey, not to mention numerous more high fashion magazines every female model would kill to be featured in. Not only that, he is ranked #18 on a list of Top 50 male models, and was also ranked #98 on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2011, and caused quite a commotion when a transphobic blurb was attached to his entry HERE.

A few more amazing photos:

So. The question is, dear readers, do YOU find that a man modelling women's initmates has perhaps crossed the line? Or do you think we should wholly embrace the gender-bending trend? Let me know! =)


  1. Great post Calista, he certainly looks pretty in the first photo and the one with the rose in his mouth. The lips and the thickness of the neck are sometimes indicators that we're not dealing with a true member of the feminine gender.

    Robin Zander of Cheap Trick certainly looked pretty in his younger days and a female work colleague of mine thought that a lot of girls would like to look like John Waite (again in his younger days).

    If you view the clip of The Babys singing "Isn't It Time" you'd see a very feminine looking Waite. Very near the time of David Bowie though, but I was told it was a bit of a "Clockwork Orange" thing, a film by Stanley Kubrick in which the lead character Alex DeLarge played by Malcolm McDowell wears makeup.

    As for a man's shape in women's clothing, only The Creator could have designed the ideal female form and brought her into being in the form of Eve!


  2. I think his pictures are quite amazing. I wouldnt have guessed in a million years he`s a man.xx


  3. A.B.: So what do you think of it all then? Is it going too far? Or is it perfectly acceptable for a "pretty" man to model women's' underwear? =)

    Alina: I know right? When I first saw them I was stunned! He models so well too! =)

  4. Did I miss the point again after all that? In a word, no! He's a bloke. A.B.