#HitzEscape: Travelling Without Flying

21 May 2016

As much as I love travelling, airports can hardly be the best of times. Long queues, to many people, and most airports take forever to get there; wouldn't you skip this process if you could? Well, there are definitely ways to travel the world without ever stepping foot on a plane, just like Graham Hughes did, and you can bet it won't be anything short of an adventure! 

1. Other than taking a flight, you can travel between countries by train, off-roading (we have so many 4wds in Sabah!), bike, or even hike. It's crazy that you can literally just walk into another country!
Penthouse in the sky.   PC
2. The most expensive flight in the world is $38,000 one way, from New York to Mumbai. In comparison, the most expensive train ride is only $3,385/night on the famed Maharaja Express!

3. If you can't qualify as an air stewardess, you could always get a job on a cruise ship instead! My friend Abigail is currently into her 3rd year on Princess Cruises, and she's already visited all of the Pacific Islands - places I've never even dreamed of!

4. Love road trips? How about one that crosses from Malaysia to China? There's a group that drive across South East Asia to reach China - all in 4WDs! Only for the adventurous, and those who don't mind spending more than a few days in the jungle!

5. You can cycle all around South East Asia or even Europe - a group of amateur cyclists did it, and they cycled on average 80km per day! If you're an avid cyclist, have you got this on your bucket list?

Have you ever entered a different country without flying? Drop me comment!
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  1. Very good write-up. Sounds glorious.