Hits Playlist Travel Recap - Theme Park Joy!

6 May 2016

At the beginning of this week my favourite vlogger's Snapchat was full of snaps from her trip to Disneyland, and it made me wanna go to a theme park so bad! Obviously, since I just started work that's not gonna happen any time soon, so I decided to just reminisce on the times I had at Disneyland Hong Kong last year, and other theme parks before that! 

To make a day out almost foolproof? Make sure you're prepared:

1. When we think of amusement parks, names like Disneyland, Universal Studios and  
    other big international names come to mind, but did you know Malaysia is fast
    becoming the theme park capital of the world, with new parks mushrooming like
    crazy these past few years! Big on fun, easy on the pocket! 

2. Still wanna go to Disneyland? Closest to home, there are 3 Disneylands in Asia - 
     Japan, Hong Kong, and the latest, Shanghai, China. They all mainly operate in their
     native languages with some (not all) English. Japan even has Disney Sea, a
     one-of-its-kind water park! 

3. Go on weekdays! Skip the weekends & school holidays, and if you avoid having
     your lunch / dinner at the normal hours, you'll miss most of the crowd, and get on
     more rides, faster! Just don't skip out on school just to scream on the rollercoaster;
     else your teacher will be screaming at you instead!

4. All Disney employees are actually required to have a water bottle with them while on
    the job, and you should too! Theme parks are notorious for the sweltering heat, and
    that means you will dehydrate fast. Water is usually expensive at parks anyway, but
    if you can't take your own in, buy ONE bottle, keep it and refill them at the water
    stations around the park!

5. Best way to enjoy a long, hot, amazingly fun day? Dress comfortably!
    Leggings/shorts, loose T & sneakers, and shove the bare minimum into a
    (small) backpack. Take as little as you can because you don't wanna be lugging a
    heavy bag around, and you have to put it away during the rides anyway. Don't forget
    the sunblock! 

Any good tips I've missed out? Drop me comment!
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Wander with lust, and I'll see ya next weekend!

Love always,
Calista xx

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