#HitzEscape: Unusual China

25 May 2016

Oliver in Shanghai
This week my brother Oliver is in China, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about my ancestral land! As always with the #HitzEscape, I went from a different angle - all things weird!

Weird food: Donkey meat, bee pupae, snake wine, & the strangest I've seen yet: 童子蛋 (tong zi dan), which are - wait for it - eggs soaked and boiled in the urine of young boys. And you thought century eggs(皮蛋)were weird! No thanks!

Weird places: If you love dinosaurs, there's actually a real-life Jurassic Park near Outer Mongolia called Dinosaur Fairyland. It's location is so remote, you'll probably find you'll have the park pretty much to yourself, your friends, a few military men passing through, and both real and fake dinosaur bones! Definitely where the Wild Things are! (Yes I'm referencing Alessia Cara here =P)

Weird Fact: China is almost as big as the USA but while the US has 9 different time zones, China has a standard one called Beijing time, which means you might be watching the sunset at midnight in places like Xinjiang, and the sunrise at 10am! You might wanna take this into consideration when planning your itinerary.

Night view in Shanghai
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