Borneo Reef World in, where else? KK, Sabah, BORNEO!

27 June 2012

A few days ago I was lucky enough to be invited to have some fun in the sun with a few other (new) blogger friends! Angeline of Everyday Food I Love, her sister Monica with hubby Jack of, Hayden of, Vincent of, Tom of and myself met around 3pm at the private Sabah Point Jetty just opposite Hyatt Hotel, and I also bumped into old classmates, Aden (ahem) and Derrick who were going to take a look too! So we were one big happy group when we boarded the Natassya (a.k.a. the boat) to the soon-to-be-launched Borneo Reef World!
Aden n Derrick, with the view of KK city behind them as we were on our way!
Borneo Reef World the largest reef activity pontoon in Asia, moored in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park off Pulau Sapi. It's kind of like in between Sapi and Gaya Island, but you dont have to see the people who are sunbathing on the beach as it's facing the backs of the islands, which gives it a beautiful view of untouched nature.
View of Gaya Island as we passed by.. It was such a beautiful day!
 You can get a boat daily from 9am, and return at 4pm. Adults (Above 12 Years Old) pay RM 360.00 each, while children (4-12 Years Old) only pay RM 230.00. This includes the jetty fees, insurance, fuel surcharge and a whole lotta underwater fun! If you go as a family (2 adults + 2 kids), it'll only cost a total of RM950.

The Natassya, approaching the barge!
Borneo Reef World!
A variety of activities are available on the pontoon, ranging from
Enjoying the calm and breath-taking scenery
Be mesmerised by the fish...
...or just take a photo with them in the underwater observatory!
In the underwater air-conditioned walkway, you can see all sorts of fish in their natural habitat, through the deep blue sea, with the natural sunlight still shining through! (Ok, maybe not that deep then.) They also have a scheduled feeding time which we got to see. Basically, that cluster of fish in the photo? They're swarming around some other fish (food), which is lowered into the water by staff on the platoon in a cage,like so:
FISH FOOD! Hmm..Fish eating fish though..? =/
The purple and yellow 'pyramid' is the entrance to the underwater walkway
Snorkeling equipment is also provided for those who want to have some fun in the water.
Like Tom, Hayden and I!
You can snorkel in the confined area (where there are still lots of fish to see).
Or in the big open sea!
Like me! =D
The fish and coral reef right next to the barge is so beautiful, and Hayden and I snorkeled half-way to the opposite island before deciding to turn back.. Yet another time when I wish I had an underwater camera..

Another option, and this really does depend on whether you're lucky enough to have a certain Vincent who is willing to be your personal photographer for a few minutes (nyehehe):
Underwater photography!!
Well, sort of... (This is Hayden doing his best yoga pose underwater)
... Vincent was actually in the underwater walkway.. He didnt even have to get wet! ;p (And yes, as you can see, things could get a little scary sometimes if Jack's around.. It's not all fun n games you know.. HAHAHA..!! ;p)
Also available (with extra charges of course) area variety of other water sports and activities, for example parasailing, Sea Spies (a motorised kayak ride with a glass bottom), banana boat rides, Ocean Walker (Helmet Diver), scuba diving and also the option of having an underwater photographer with you!

An new and interesting place to have some safe fun, Borneo Reef World is...
A Malaysian Production! Hahaha..
 After getting showered, dried and changed, we left Borneo Reef World watching the amazing sunset on the boat ride back..
View from the boat
View from the jetty
 I had an amazing time with my new friends, and really look forward to seeing them all again.. Special thanks to Angeline for the invite,and Borneo Reef World for a great day out! =D If you wish to have some sea time yourself, do contact them on facebook, check out their website, or just email them at! =)


*Photo credits to those whose watermark appears in some of the photos - thanks a lot, this post wouldnt be the same without them! =D


  1. This looks so beautiful.... I really must go and check it out myself....

    1. You must! Like their fb to find out when they launch.. =)

  2. woohooo! i think u can be the pole dancer in the water! XD

    1. I am an excellent pole dancer! In places like underwater, where no one can see! ;p

  3. waoooo. i think my next vacation, should fly over sabah!

    1. Come,come,come! I can intro a lot of places for you to visit! =D

  4. Replies
    1. It is.. Sometimes Sabah's beauty amazes me.. =)

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