The Winners of Super GT Queen 2012!!

11 June 2012

A huge round of congratulations is needed, for the winners of this year's Super GT Queen!

Some of you may know this already, but here's who won:
1st Runner-Up: COOKIES YAP
2nd Runner-Up: MICO LEE

TNT Body Beautiful Award : CATH LIM

Miss Congeniality: LEELY KON

Most Photogenic Award : PAULINE KOO

Most Talented Award : ERICA CHAN

Miss Engine Up's Popularity Award : COOKIES YAP

To the girls who didnt win anything this time, please dont give up! You're all amazing and beautiful, and you still have a long journey ahead! I wish you all the best, and congratulations to YOU, for being a finalist! =)

To wrap up my last post on Super GT Queen 2012, Julie graciously granted me an interview, along with some gorgeous photos. No doubt about it - Julie is going to make Malaysia proud in GT Japan 2013, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future!

An interview with Julie:
1. How does it feel to win the Super GT Queen title, and what was your initial reaction?  
Winning the title makes me feel like I can finally represent not only myself, but my country and also, I’m extremely honoured to hold such a prestigious title that originated from Japan. Before they announced the 1st and 2nd runner-up’s name, I was jittery because I don’t want to just hold those titles. I wanted ALL or nothing. So when it came to announcing the winner, it was then, the butterflies in my stomach started eating me from inside out. When they finally called my name, my reaction wasn’t, “Woohoo!” Instead, it was, “HELL YEAH!” 
2. Why do you think you were chosen as the winner?  
I think I was chosen because of my passion and drive for this competition. This competition comprised of the two things that I adore, cars and Japan. Like I said at the finals, “I’m a cili padi.” I may be small but I pack a huuuuuuge punch! The judges probably saw that in me and I think that’s why they decided I was the best candidate to represent Malaysia. 
3. How did you celebrate your win? 
*giggles* I’m guessing most people would probably think party and drinks but trust me, I went straight home and snored like a baby for the next 9 hours until I had to return to Sepang for an appearance as your Super GT Queen. Even if I had to mood to party, my body screamed, “NO!” Guess I’m not really a party girl. *laughs*

4. What was the reaction of the other contestants?
I did get genuine happy responses from some of the contestants and I really have to thank them for being so sincere and being a genuine friend to me throughout this competition. So here’s a big thank you to you girls! You know who you are. =) But like yin and yang, when there’s good, there’s bad too but it’s best to leave some things unsaid. 
5. Who has been your biggest support throughout the competition?  
Definitely my manager. No, before you think anything, I’m not tied down to an agency or a company or anything like that for that matter….yet. Hee.. She is actually my best friend whom my parents put their trust in and that’s why I’m actually able to join this industry under her care. So because of her, I have my parents and her full support since the beginning of my career until today and I’m thankful for that. 

6. What was your favourite moment of the whole competition, besides winning of course! 
I actually really loved every bit of this competition but my favourite would have to be the time I sang “Skater Boy” up on the concert-like stage at the finals. I really felt like an Asian Avril Lavigne performing a live concert! It wasn’t my best performance but I felt like a ROCKSTAR! Woohoo! 
7. What are you doing to prepare for Japan and your responsibilities as Super GT Queen 2012? 
In preparation for Japan, I’m going to take crash course in the Japanese language to brush up on my language skills. Although my Japanese is currently adequate to converse with the Japanese, but I’m planning a long term study trip to Japan and I want to give it my best. As the plans of being your Super GT Queen hasn’t been fully laid out to me yet, I’m just going to prepare myself mentally for anything to come.  

8. What advice would you give to girls who would like to follow in your footsteps and join Super GT Queen 2013? 
Be true to yourself and everyone around you. Sometimes, honesty really IS the best policy but of course, maintain your professionalism when dealing with any issues and always brush up on your communication skills. I don’t believe there is a “best”. We learn everyday, and so we’ll always keep getting better and that’s what I’m doing too. 

9. What's the next step we can be expecting from Julie Tan?
I hope to do greater things two years from now, not here but in Japan. So wait and see! ;)  
10. Anything to say to your fans?
Thank you for all your support so far, and I hope your support for me grows as my love for you guys grows too!
***Photos courtesy of Julie's fan page on facebook, which can be found HERE. Go on, go 'like' her page for all the latest updates! =)

Until next year's Super GT, see ya!


  1. Hi Calista, thanks for the write up. and follow up with the winner. =) you are still the best blogger i ever met. sincere, helpful, hardworking and i just love you so much. =) hope can hug you at this moment and drink and chit chat in sabah right now... hahaha... *.*

  2. Tina!! Omg, you make me wanna cry now!! Hahaha.. Thanks so much for the comment, means a lot to me.. ="D I miss you and the team a lot, hope to see you all again soon.. Sabah or KL, doesnt matter!! =) <3<3<3