The Grand Corornation of Sabah's Most Concientious Beauties

19 June 2012

Warning: Picture-heavy post (yes, heavier than usual! ;p)

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Joanna Marie Faurillo won the crown as this year's Miss Earth Sabah. But wouldnt you like to see exactly how it happened? Here I am to give you the 411 on the Grand Coronation Night. =)

Every story must start from the beginning......
Miss Earth Sabah 2011 getting her hair did...
Deidre sitting pretty!
Joanna getting primped!
With Official Photographer Roots - Well someone has to test the backdrop before the guests come! ;p
A testimony of my luck - just before the event! =.= Luckily the dancers had eyelash glue I could borrow.. Worked like a charm! ;p
Farhan Hitz and Christ from RTM.
Olivia with her mom & her mom's teachers (Her mom's a principal!) =)
A Green Night indeed...
Menu of the night! No photos of the food as I barely had time to eat any and take photos, the waiting staff were so rushed to clear everything away. Not happy. At the end of the night they even cleared my drink while I was taking photos up front, then told me all they had left was water.. =/ The only complaint of the night.
A drumming entrance on the red carpet!
Host for the night - American-Japanese model Josiah Mizukami
Organising Chairperson Mandy Nandu giving her opening speech
The night started with mementos of appreciation, followed by the dinner presentation.
The judges.
Dinner was made that much nicer by local singers Appy Tots and Nera, who serenaded the crowd while we filled our bellies, followed by an energetic Zumba performance by Lolee Lopez and crew.

Finally, the finalists came out, looking amazing in their bandage dresses sponsored by Divana Couture. Before the introduction however, the audience was in for a treat: The girls danced to popular songs by Pitbull!
 The introduction/green message round, still in those gorgeous dresses.
Affy Jackleyinda Entawin
Carolren Vinnie Yong
Chan Hui Ching
Christini Loo Ai Ling
Daphne Fay W. Santor
Deidre Ann Walker
Frederica Fabian Peter
Grace Chang Siew Ling
Isabelle Ng Yuin Yuen
Joanna Marie Faurillo
Tatiana Rudolf J. Millip
Xandria Ban Kah Yee
There were actually a lot of videos shown during the show, and I wish I could share some of them here.. Too bad I cant find them anywhere yet.. My fave was a video directed by photographer and judge Mel Shazreen Albert, entitled "Runaway Brides", which was shot by Valentine Chong. It featured all 12 finalists lip-synching to "Titanium", the hit single by David Guetta ft. Sia, while posing and acting in gorgeous gowns which were sponsored by L'Unico.

The swimsuit/batik round incorporated a Brazillian performance by the Bodycare dancers. The batik was sponsored by Olumis Borneo Batik House.
One of the biggest highlights of the evening was the eco-wear parade. The finalists had each designed a costume out of recycled materials with their friends and families, and the best design won Best Eco Design award:

And the winner of the title is...

Down to the final showing before the announcement of the subsidiary winners and top 7 finalists, the girls showed off an elegant side with gowns designed by KL-based designer Justin Yap. Mandy & Olivia's gowns were designed by him too, and gosh didnt they both look stunning??? =D

Accompanied by Appy Tots singing on stage while they glided down the runway, here they are:
*this set of photos are courtesy of The colour on mine didnt turn out n I wanted to give you the best! ;p  Thank you Tom!! =)
The moment everyone has been waiting for! The crowning!

Well, the start anyway. The subsidiary titles were given out first:
Miss Facebook Favourite - Joanna
Miss Natural Beauty - Joanna again!
Miss Congeniality - Xandria
Miss Eco Brainy - Isabelle
Miss Photogenic - Christini
Miss Best in Talent - Joanna AGAIN!!
Miss Eco Green - Grace
Miss Eco Design - Grace once more!
Miss Audience Favourite - Who else but JOANNA!

A performance by Esther Applunius followed
Of One In A MIllion fame...
 Then the announcement of the top 7 finalists was awaited with bated breath -
Every one of the top 7 finalists had to go through a Q&A session, picking the envelopes themselves by random. The questions they received, asked by Josiah, are in the captions below:
Xandria: "Humans and the environment co-exist in this world. How would you describe the symbiotic relationship between humans and the environment?"
Joanna: "Some people would rather choose convenience all the time and put the importance of preserving the environment in the backseat.In what way would you sacrifice your convenience in the long run, for the sake of the environment?"
Isabelle: "If you were given a chance to start a green revolution, what would be the issue you would focus on?" (Her answer was Deforestation btw ;p)
Grace: "Based on your experience, what is the best way to change people's mindset on the use of plastic bags?"
Tatiana: "Development will never cease. Based on your experiences during all the activities throughout the pageant week, what do you understand about 'Sustainable Development'?"
Deidre: " How do you play your role as a Green Ambassador in your daily life?"
Deidre: "The phrase 'REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE' has been overused but is underdone. What would you do to make sure this movement is carried out in Sabah?"
Most of the answers were confident and fluent, but nerves did strike a couple of the contestants, causing them to stammer a little. Knowing that the winner would be announced within the hour must have been even more nerve-wracking! Before that though, they had to sit through the lucky draw, then songstress Nadhira entertained the crowd with her MET 10 single 'Tear Us Apart', her latest Malay single, and then was joined on stage by Appy to sing Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song'.

When Olivia came on stage to get ready to give away her crown, I'm sure hearts were pounding backstage!

So without further ado, the winners!! =D
Miss Earth Sabah Fire - XANDRIA BAN!!
Miss Earth Sabah Water - GRACE CHANG!!
Miss Earth Sabah Air - DEIDRE WALKER!!
 And finally (and I swear you shuld've seen her face, priceless!),
Miss Earth Sabah 2012 - JOANNA MARIE FAURILLO!!!
Congratulations babe! You deserve it, and you held your own against the very tough competition. I see great things happening for you, and all the best for Miss Malaysia Earth next month! Go, make Sabah proud!! xx
L-R: Olivia, Xandria, Grace, Joanna, Deidre, Mandy
So that's a wrap! But oh wait! No night would be complete without... with all the beautiful people of the night!! =D
Miss Earth Sabah '09 & '10 - May & Olivia!
Designer Justin Yap!
Your host for the evening - Josiah Mizukami!!
And of course, the always gorgeous Director of MNE Productions - Mandy Nandu!!
 Really wanted to get a photo with Joanna and the other girls, but they were swamped with reporters and family, so I decided maybe I shouldnt intrude.. Hihii.. Here's a lovely photo to finish the post off with though:
Joanna & her loving family - they've been to nearly every activity to show their support!
So stay tuned for more info on the days leading up to this magical moment, I promise you'll love it!

PS: Yes, I know I need a new camera.. Anyone willing to sponsor? Hahaha.. ;p For better photos, please go to the official facebook page HERE. Obviously, you will see why they are the professionals and I am a point-and-shooter! (Think it's time to learn some photography skills..?) ;p


  1. i like ur outfit! looks like a pretty awesome event ah :)

    1. Thanks! =D And yea, it was great fun.. And long - went on til 1am! =D

  2. WOW all so beautiful! Ngam lah Joanna menang, she has the 'Queen' look ngehehe. :)

    1. Haha.. Yes, she was my choice as well.. She has the overall package, and I think Sabah has a shot at winning Miss Earth Malaysia this year - I mean, just look at our top 3!! =D